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Hello, another time! My name is Dmitriy and I am 22 y.o. software engineer from Ukraine. I've started my career when I was 17 as a trainee .Net developer. But then I tried javascript and absolutely fall in love with front-end and javascript community at all. Then I continued my work as a JavaScript engineer in the big outsource company. And right now work at the awesome Cypress company.

Real fan of open-source. I am a collaborator of Material-UI - the most popular UI kit for React in the world. Creator + maintainer of material-ui-pickers - set of date/time pickers for Material-UI. Also member of react-native-community and maintainer of react-native-status-bar. Trying to make software world better.

In short: speaker, holistic open-source contributor. Typescript/Ocaml, react and react-native fan. Also volleyball player and amateur photographer (ᵔᴥᵔ)