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Hey, how its going?

I am engineer with a patience to design tests and cooking.

About me

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Hello again! My name is Dmitriy, and I am a software engineer who truly loves his work! You may know me by my public speaking engagements or my contributions to amazing open source projects such as Material-UI,, react-native-community, and many others.

By the way now I am actively working on fframes โ€“ extremely fast declarive video creation framwork.

It's a pleasure to meet you here, and I hope you enjoy the design of this website.


I do want to think that my talks are changing lives, but it looks like they are changing only conference schedule ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Here is a (non-full) list of my talks:


Everything about media files in WASM: Fonts, Images, Audio all in Rust.

Wasm.IO 2024 logo

Wasm.IO 2024


The art of programmatic videos with rust

Euro Rust logo

Euro Rust


Think TDD doesn't work? I have bad news for you... (RU)

HolyJS Fall 2021 logo

HolyJS Fall 2021


Why OCaml for frontend (RU)

HolyJS Spring 2021 logo

HolyJS Spring 2021


Let's think about 'right' component testing (RU)

Math.random community logo

Math.random community


Visual regression under the hood

TestJS Summit logo

TestJS Summit


Stop using console for component testing (RU)

HolyJS 2020 logo

HolyJS 2020


QA automation through the ๐Ÿ‘€ of developers

TestCon Europe 2020 (EN) logo

TestCon Europe 2020 (EN)

QA fwdays (RU) logo

QA fwdays (RU)


Intro into ReasonML for javascript-ers and geese ๐Ÿฆ†

My YouTube logo

My YouTube


Cypress. Hype and Reality (RU)

QA fwdays'20 logo

QA fwdays'20


Unit tests are useless. Change my mind (RU)

JS Fest Autumn logo

JS Fest Autumn


Functional and Visual testing for web with Cypress (EN)

TestCon Europe logo

TestCon Europe


How to fall in love with UI testing in 30 minutes (RU)

Chernihiv IT logo

Chernihiv IT


Time collapse in Javascript (RU)

JS Fest Spring logo

JS Fest Spring

ThinkJS #1 logo

ThinkJS #1


How to be productive JS developer (RU)

ThinkPHP #17 logo

ThinkPHP #17

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